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3M 1923 7-inch Green Fibre Discs 24G 7/8-inch Arbor – 20-Pack

Features and Benefits: Used for grinding door skins, MIG welds or any kind of metal or fiberglass grinding Other applications include paint, rust, and weld removal and metal work 3Ms standard class abrasive  

Steck Manufacturing 23240 Mig LED Light

Features and Benefits:   LED light attachment for a MIG Torch which is easily adjusted for accurate illumination of the area to be welded  A large diameter, easy to push “on/off” button can be actuated with your welding gloves on  Flexible mounting bracket attaches to the neck of standard (1/2” to 3/4”) MIG welding torches  The MIG Light assists whether you are using a traditional or Auto-darkening helmet  Light the area to be welded so that you can locate your torch where you need it before you strike an arc

Ken-tool 31564 Center Cap Remover Set

Features and Benefits Remove center caps without wheel damage Wide blade for removing larger wheel covers Narrow blade for removing smaller, more delicate wheel covers Replaceable rubber sheath over blade Made In USASet consists of T65 (KEN31565) Wide Blade for removing larger wheel covers and the T66 (KEN31566) Narrow Blade for removing small delicate center covers without wheel damage.

Lincoln Lubrication 877 Metered Control Handle for Oil and ATF

Features and Benefits: For oils, ATF and antifreeze 3-1/2" diameter 1/2" NPT (f) inlet/outlet Totalizing Includes 10" hose

Waekon Industries CPT-01 Cockpit Tester

Features and Benefits: This tool is 12 volts and a ground lead on the end of a multiflex cable It features removable alligator clips that leave test probes to test circuit boards, relays and much more It has the ability to be attached to a 12v battery source and become a computer safe memory saver No more reprogramming clock, radio, power seat or resetting service intervals The multiflex coiled cords stretch when needed and due to a fantastic memory retract for easy storage  

Martin Tools 1058S Shrinking Dolly

Features and Benefits: Shaped like a toe dolly, but has one face covered with raised serrations The serrated side is used for shrinking metal stretched by dentsThinness and length provide easy accessibility to narrow pockets. Large, flat face is frequently used in shrinking and dinging flat panels.  The flat sides furnish a convenient anvil for repairing flanges. Its serrated side is for shrinking metal stretched by dents. 

Milton Industries 502 Window Inflator Gage

Features and Benefits: 10 lbs. to 120 lbs. in 2 lb. increments Gage complete with Kwik Grip Safety air chuck with 3 hose Readings in kPa increments Heavy duty construction provides long service life even with constant use. Gage cartridge and valve cartridge replaceable. Equipped with magnifying lens for full view of scale.

Sunex 52PP4 20 Ton Press Plates – 4-Piece

Features and Benefits For use with 12 and 20 ton hydraulic presses Four 12" x 3" x 3/4" steel press plates Stable base for bearing or punch work Made in U.S.A.

OTC 27793 Bearing and Seal Installer Starter Set

Bearing and Seal Installer Starter Set

OTC 5180 10-Ton Capacity Portable Multipurpose Press

Features and Benefits: Lightweight (less than 28 lbs.) Versatile 9-inch – 4-1/4-inch Open-Throat design Press can be positioned vertically or horizontally Couples to any 4- or 10-ton Porta Power pump Can be mounted to a work bench or other stationary object Portable Multi-purpose C-Frame Press is perfect for all clamping, pressing, and bending needs. Set includes – C-Frame press with base, adapters, and storage case. Adapters include: V-pushing and ram pushing (9/16-inch and 3/4-inch dia. shanks), Receiving inserts and Flat insert. This portable press can be used just about anywhere and is ideal for industrial, marine, roadside maintenance, and general automotive applications. Particularly well suited for removing shackle bushings in Horton-style suspension springs without displacing internal spring.