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Mastercool 82834-E High Side 134A Coupler – 1/4-inch – Male

High Side 134A Coupler – 1/4-inch – Male

Midtronics PSC-550SKIT PSC Series Power Supply / Battery Charger with Soft Prote

Features and Benefits: Converts 120V AC line input into a virtually noise-free nominal 13.6VDC output As a charger, the PSC unit delivers current up to the rated value to charge any 12V lead-acid battery as needed Once battery is charged, the PSC tapers current to operate as a regulated power supply that will sustain accessory loads and offset parasitic drain Reverse connection, brown-out, over-current, and over-temperature protections Same platform required by Audi, Jaguar, Land-Rover, VW, and Volvo; also approved by Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, GM, and Mercedes-Benz Midtronics PSC or Power Supply Chargers are an absolute must for “re-flashing” vehicle computers. Conventional chargers and booster packs were not designed for reflash use, and can cause problems such as program interruption (need to start over, lose time!) and, worse yet, damage to vehicle electronics (costly part replacement and even more lost time!). Do it right the first time with right equipment -the PSC Charger from Midtronics!

Mastercool 66661 Brass Manifold for R134A with 60-inch Hoses

Features and Benefits: Anti-flutter gauges smooth out needle movement Yellow hose includes shut-off valve Piston type free-floating valves reduce o-ring wear Extra access port for vacuum line Gauges can be recalibrated to maintain accuracyR-134A Brass Manifold with 3 60" nylon barrier hoses and standard R-134A Couplers. Coupler sizes 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm and 19mm.  Inner nylon layer hoses meet EPA, SAE and UL standards.

FJC Inc. 2662 R-134a Retrofit Assortment

Features and Benefits: Contains adapters necessary to Retrofit mobile A/C systems Adapters meet SAE J639 specifications Kit contains: (6) FJC2602, (4) FJC2603, (2) FJC2604, (1) FJC2606, (6) FJC2614, (6) FJC2615, (1) FJC2618, (1) FJC2620, (5) FJC2672 and (6) FJC2687.

Mastercool 84772G Brass R134A 2 Way Manifold Gauge Set with 72-inch Hoses

Features and Benefits: Heavy duty forged brass body Large all metal handles are angled for ease of operation Floating piston, double o-ring valves for long service life and smooth operation Silicone dampened gauges smooth out needle movement Gauges can be recalibrated in the field to maintain accuracy MASTERCOOL brass manifold gauge sets feature durable all metal construction. Anti-flutter gauges give smooth pressure readings. Side mounted, metal hand valve will not crack when dropped. Gauges include R134a Fahrenheit scale in SAE and Kpa pressures. Metal bezels protect gauge lenses from breakage. R134a Auto A/C 2-way manifold gauge set with hoses in a clamshell package. Hose connections for blue and red are 14mm-M. Yellow hose is 1/2" ACME-F with auto shut-off valves. Gauges are 2-1/2" in PSI/Kpa. and come with shock-resistant gauge protectors.

Robinair 15600 CoolTech Two Stage Vacuum Pump – 6 CFM

Features and Benefits: Iso-Valve isolates pump from system, making it easy to measure rate of rise Two stage design means faster and higher vacuum level Inlet feature prevents pump contamination Gas ballast keeps oil clean and dry Evacuates todays tighter systems with their increased sensitivity to contaminants Heavy duty 1/2 HP motor evacuates todays tighter systems with their increased sensitivity to contaminants.  Offset rotary vanes work in conjunction with the vacuum pump oil to create a powerful compression inside the pumping chamber.  Vacuum pump efficiency depends largely on the purity of the vacuum pump oil.  The gas ballast feature helps keep the oil clean for a longer time by introducing a small amount of dry atmospheric air to prevent condensation of moisture within the pumping chamber.  Two stage design for greater efficiency—the second stage of the two-stage design starts pumping at a lower pressure to pull a deeper ultimate vacuum.  The inlet filter prevents contaminants from entering the pumping chamber, check valve prevents oil from backing up into system during a power outage.  Heavy duty motor is easy to start and efficient to operate.  The power switch is located on the handle assembly to protect it from accidentally being turned on or off.  Sure grip handle stays cool to the touch and directs exhaust away from you.

Mastercool 55300 Complete Electronic and UV Leak Detection Kit

Features and Benefits: All the great features of the "INSPECTOR™" along with the UV Dye Injection System 6 levels of sensitivity Ultra bright UV LED light on tip Detects leaks as small as 110th ounce per year 3 Year WarrantyGet started finding those refrigerant leaks with UV technology.  Quickly locate sources of leaking A/C systems by injecting dye and spotting the escaping leak trail. This kit offers the "INSPECTOR" along with our UV Dye Injection System.  Our cartridge type dye injector is fast and easy to use.  Just twist the handle to inject the appropriate amount of dye.  Kit includes 55200 "Inspector" electronic leak detector, UV dye injector with 25 application dye cartridge, dye injector connection hose with R12 adapter, dye cleaner and UV safety glasses.

Robinair 38372A 72-Inch R-12 Red Hose With Quick Seal Fittings

Features and Benefits: Hose 72" R12 red color with quick seal fitting 2500 PSI burst pressure 500 PSI working pressure 1/4" Red standard hoses with quick seal fittings. 72" long (6) allows manifold gauges to reach hard to locate A/C fitting on vehicles, especially larger pickups and SUVs.  

CPS Products LS3000 The Eliminator Leak Detector

Features and Benefits: State-of-the-Art Cold Cathode (CCD) Sensor Technology 8-LED Tachometer Display Easy one button operation Unique "Gearshift" LED display for leak sizing High output alarm speaker MADE IN USA The CCD Sensor Technology delivers quick response to leaks and maintains maximum sensitivity throughout the life of the sensor. The 8-LED Tachometer Display enables user to pinpoint exact location of leak. Fully automatic electronic refrigerant leak detector for all HFC, HCFC, CFC, SF6 gasses and blends. Exclusive POWERSHIFT™  software automatically monitors, controls and adjusts all critical instrument settings to ensure maximum leak search results under any job environment. Two separate visual LED displays enables user to pinpoint the exact location of leak source and the approximate size of that leak.  Highly resistant to background contaminates including heavy condensation, oils, leak solutions, brake fluid, radiator coolants, washer fluids, etc. High output alarm speaker delivers clear crisp alarm tones. Fully automatic selection allowing detection of a 0.25oz/yr (7g/yr) leak rate of HFC.  Operating temp: 0 to 140°F / -18 to 60°C. Includes carrying case, batteries and spare sensor.

OTC 7238 Air Conditioning Spring Lock Coupler Tool Set

Air Conditioning Spring Lock Coupler Tool Set